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The 10 Best Dental Hygiene Practices For Kids and Adults

Embark on a journey of expert knowledge as our emergency dentist in Dubai and best dentist in Dubai shares insights on dental hygiene practices. Discover valuable information from our dental clinic in Dubai to help you make informed decisions.

What oral habits should kids and adults adhere to? Are there effects of poor dental hygiene? Learn more about how to keep your teeth healthy through proper dental hygiene habits. 

Good dental hygiene practices instilled in young children become helpful even when they’ve grown into adults. Taking care of teeth is necessary as neglecting some best practices leads to problems arising and frequent visits to the dentist, which you can avoid. 

Children need to learn basics such as brushing their teeth twice a day after meals and avoiding foods and drinks that can lead to tooth decay or cavities. Read on to learn more about some of the best dental hygiene practices in children and adults that help keep teeth in shape.

Oral hygiene practices for kids and adults

In addition to frequent dental checks and vitamins to maintain healthy and strong teeth and gums, below are some best dental hygiene practices that kids and adults can adopt. 

Use fluoride toothpaste

You may think that all toothpaste is the same because they serve the same purpose. However, this is not the case. When purchasing toothpaste for yourself or your kids, it’s essential to go for one that contains fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps prevents the occurrence of tooth cavities. 

Floss your teeth daily

Why is it important to floss your teeth? That’s one question you should ask yourself. When brushing your teeth and even that of your kids, there are parts that the toothbrush won’t reach. 

There are particles of food that remain stuck in your teeth, and only frequent flossing can help to get rid of them. Leaving them there for a long may cause gum and tooth infections and recurring bad breath. 

Use a timer song to help kids brush for two minutes

When you allow your kids to brush their teeth hurriedly, you allow them to leave some essential parts of their teeth unattended. You can motivate them to brush their teeth for at least two minutes by playing them a timer song while they do. Proper brushing prevents early tooth decay and severe dental treatments such as root canal treatment in Dubai at an early age. 

Change the toothbrush regularly

Changing the toothbrush frequently applies to both kids and adults. Your dentist always lets you know how often you need to change your toothbrush

Failure to change the brush causes unhealthy gums and weak teeth, which, if not quickly attended to, may result in the need for a dental implant in Dubai. Changing your toothbrushes every three months after use is a good dental hygiene practice. 

Avoid sugary and acidic foods

Sugar and acids are a great enemy to your and your kids’ teeth. Remind your children to supplement sodas with healthier drinks like water and homemade fruit juices. When your teeth are exposed to too many sugars and acids, they weaken and cannot stay in place.

Use the proper brushing technique

While brushing your teeth looks easy, it’s important to note that there’s a proper way to do it. Ensure you are moving your teeth gently and in a circular motion to allow all areas of your mouth to get clean. 

Book, regular dental checkups 

Children are not constantly aware of the dangers their teeth are exposed to, which isn’t the case for adults. Take your kids to regular dental checkups with you to stop any problems from getting worse. Dentists recommend checkups every six months for children. 

Encourage plenty of drinking water for yourself and your kids

Allowing your mouth, or that of kids, to stay dry for long periods can lead to plaque development. These are usually easy to see if you don’t brush your teeth often, and they can lead to bad oral hygiene. Plenty of water is a good dental hygiene practice and helps keep your teeth and mouth fresh. 

Use mouthwash

When having trouble with bad breath, mouthwash comes in handy. Also, it is a dental hygiene practice  and helps prevent tooth decay and gum infections, which can happen when cavities form in the teeth. 

Avoid smoking

This mainly goes for adults. Smoking hurts your teeth and causes discolouration and bad breath in your mouth. The only way to prevent this is to ensure you stay away from smoking and keep your mouth clean.


Practicing good dental hygiene goes a long way in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. When these tips are taught to kids at a young age, they help them avoid problems with their teeth that require them to go to the dentist often. 

Are you looking for a dental clinic in Dubai with the best dentist in Dubai who know a lot about oral health and hygiene.If you struggle to keep up with some of these best dental hygiene practices, the team of experts can advise you on how to incorporate them into your and your child’s lives. Schedule a consultation with NOA dental clinic and be advised on some of the best oral hygiene tips.

Frequently asked questions

When the first two teeth erupt from the child’s gums, incorporate the flossing process to remove any food particles stuck in these two teeth. You can start using child-safe fluoride toothpaste as the others emerge. This is when a child is younger than three years of age.

Allowing kids to consume too many acidic and sugary foods is the leading cause of poor oral hygiene. Replace these foods with healthier options, and make sure to keep their teeth and mouth clean by brushing their teeth and gums regularly but gently.

Children cannot understand the importance of frequent dental checkups and dental care, but you can. Dental care helps prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other issues with teeth that you can prevent.