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Best dental clinic in Dubai - Patient testimonials on YouTube

To enhance the quality of our services as one of the top dental clinics in Dubai, our dentists in Dubai at NOA Dental Clinic listen to what our patients have to say.

Best Dental Clinics in Dubai
Best Dental Clinics Dubai
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Best Dental Clinics Dubai
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Best dental clinic in Dubai - Testimonials on Google and Facebook

Dental clinic reviews help us evaluate and improve our best practices. Please find below patients’ Google and Facebook feedback on NOA Dental Clinic.

'Best Dental clinic in Dubai Silvana

Silvana Rees Figa

Second time I visited this clinic and surely won't be going anywhere else in Dubai! Very warm, friendly and professional. They even have a TV screen and play Mr. Bean on it! Couldn't be better! And they even got discount for Emirates staff! I highly recommend them to everyone!

Best Dental clinics in Dubai Andrew

Andrew Merton

Dr Anu is very professional and friendly explaining all aspects of the procedure about to be undertaken. I felt at ease at the dentist for the first time in my life and was amazed and so pleased with the result of the work I requested. I whole heartedly recommend Dr.Anu and Noa Dental Practice to any and all visiting or living in Dubai where you are made to feel welcome and valued as soon as you walk through the door in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Best Dental clinic Dubai Kelly

Kelly Thompson

Every time I visit the clinic they greet me with a big smile and warm welcome which instantly puts me at ease. All of the worry and anxiety over getting my wisdom tooth removed was taken away thanks to Noa dental clinic. I just wanted to write this quick review to say a BIG thank you! Смайлик «smile»

Best Dental clinic Dubai Amy

Amy Martinson

My trusted dentist over the last several years in Dubai - the absolute care and professional service you provide as a dentist gives me the confidence to enthusiastically refer all my Dubai friends to you, knowing that they will be in safe hands. Your staff are also an asset to the clinic as I always find them to be well spoken, friendly and accommodating.

Joanne Milosevich Pepper

Joanne Milosevich Pepper

Very professional, welcoming and friendly clinic. I am very impressed, totally recommend it!!

Best Dental clinics Dubai Treena

Treena Lynn

Had such a wonderful experience at NOA Dental clinic. The staff were super nice and professional, The doctor made me feel comfortable and explained everything in detail to me. So happy I found this place and recommend it to anyone.

Best Dental clinics in Dubai Jean

Jean Pierre

Got Cleaning and a Root Canal Done. My teeth now shines bright like a diamond. Amazing work and very friendly staff working at the front desk. I recommend NOA to everyone

Best Dental clinic in Dubai Rhia

Rhia Malicsi-De Boer

I used to have a great fear going to dentist, but since I start going to NOA dental clinic everything has changed. Dr. Anupama Jaswal she is exceptional. Excellent service I love how the way she take care of the patient. One of the best dentist I know and she doing a great job. All the staff are pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend it to everybody. This is truly 5 star service.

Best Dental clinic Dubai Ghiebell

Ghiebell Reyes

Thank you so much Dr. Anupama and Ms. Dhel Dela Cruz. They are really great and so nice. They will make you feel very comfortable with them. I highly recommend this clinic, the prices are reasonable. All the staff are good, also from the moment you step on them, the reception will surely give their attention to you. 
Thank you again.

Best Dental clinics in Dubai Sigita

Sigita Smigelskyte

Dr. Anupam she is exceptional. I used to have a great fear of going to dentist but now I can't wait for my next visit. Booking in advance so in case it's fully booked witch they usually are. All staff are Soooooo pleasant and helpful you wouldn't feel you are at the clinic. After all I would highly recommend it to everybody and believe you me I'm already talking about it big time. This is truly 5 star service. Well done noa team . See you soon . Always your client sigita

Best Dental clinic Dubai Raza

Raza Shahid

***** Very Highly recommended *****

1. They were the only people to respond and help me in an emergency on Friday afternoon.

2. Their price is very reasonable.

3. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

4. Last but by no means least:

**** Dr ANUPAMA****


Best Dental clinics Dubai Anthony

Anthony Murphy

Small world - Dr Zulu was my dentist 30 years ago back in London and here we both are in Dubai. Anyone looking for UK best practice dentist services in the UAE need look no further than NOA.

Best Dental clinic in Dubai Madhulika

Madhulika Chatterjee

Fabulous team !!! Especially they could handle my complicated case well as I am allergic to anesthesia !!! Dr Anupama & Dr Linish put together a fabulous treatment for me.

Best Dental clinic Dubai Frank

Frank Arno

Very professional yet personal clinic. From the moment you call for an appointment to the actual treatment and the goodbye you really feel you're being taken care off. They have an Emirates discount too and help you with the billing

Best Dental clinics in Dubai Aalana

Aalana Jade Charmer

I can honestly say this is the best dental clinic I have ever been to. How many people can say they actually enjoy going to their dentist? Probably not that many! I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the services at NOA. Highly recommend NOA. Great job team your energies are contagious and I come out feeling extremely happy and healthy..

Best Dental clinics Dubai Evryviadis

Evryviadis Marios Kapetanos

Excellent service. Lovely environment. Friendly reception. Normal prices. My teeth are healthy since 2006.

Best Dental clinic Dubai Sheena

Sheena Mathews James

Very Professional! The service and care is the best I have had. A great atmosphere to be in when under going checks and procedures. The Staff are very warm and friendly. Love it!

Best Dental clinics in Dubai Gita

Gita Jurgita Ram

Very professional dental services! And great value for money in Dubai! Highly recommend!! Great dental work, never any pain! Best experience! Thank you!

Best Dental clinics Dubai Stella

Stella Babic

The staff are amazing! Very professional and friendly. Loved the Mr Bean show hahah helped me to distract myself.... Overall experience 10 out of 10!