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Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

The tooth structure comprises of outer enamel, intermediate hard dentin and an inner soft pulp. Root canal treatment is required when the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected.

Causes of an infected / inflamed pulp would include:

  • Deep tooth decay
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth
  • Fractured or cracked tooth
  • Trauma to the tooth
Root Canal

What is the procedure for Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment

  • Root canal therapy involves removal of the infected pulp tissue, disinfection and cleaning of the pulp chamber, followed by filling and sealing of the chamber with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha.
  • Following root canal treatment, the tooth is thereafter restored with a tooth-colored filling or a permanent crown.

How many visits would a Root Canal Treatment require?

Tooth anatomy showing root canal treatment

Root canal treatment may require one or more visits.

  • An uncomplicated root canal treatment can be completed by a specialist in root canal therapy in one visit.
  • However, in cases where the entire pulp chamber is infected and patient experiences pain, swelling or tenderness at the time of the appointment, the dentist may then choose a multi-appointment approach.

What are the possible side effects of a Root Canal Therapy?

Following root canal therapy, the tooth tends to become brittle, which why it is important to complete the restoration with a dental crown to protect the tooth. Some post-op pain for a few days is normal following root canal treatment and over the counter pain medications will help alleviate this pain.

Our Dentists

Dr. Maisour

Dr. Maisour

  • Dr. Maisour Rachi is our Specialist Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) with over 23 years of clinical experience.
  • Prof. Dr. Maisour has completed his PhD in Endodontics and was the Director for Endodontic courses conducted in Lebanon, KSA and UAE.
  • Dr. Maisour’s philosophy is to eliminate discomfort and use minimally invasive techniques to the tooth structure while performing root canal treatments.

Britist Dentist Dr. Zul Paliwalla

Dr. Zul Paliwalla

  • Dr. Zul Paliwalla (King’s College, London) has practiced in the UK for 34 years and his experience includes providing high-end general dentistry on Harley Street, Central London. Dr. Zul is renowned for his gentle, pain free dentistry.

Dr. Anupama Jaswal​​

Dr. Anupama Jaswal

Orthodontists Dubai
  • Dr. Anupama Jaswal, our family dentist, has over 21 years of extensive clinical experience in restorative dentistry with special interest in endodontics (root canal treatments).

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