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Teeth whitening In Dubai

Teeth whitening in Dubai is the most commonly requested cosmetic dental procedure and has given us the ability to remove years of internal staining and return teeth to their natural color.

teeth whitening in dubai

At Noa Dental Clinic, we recommend the use of #1 independently-rated teeth whitening system.

Beyond system has been awarded the top in-office whitening system by Dental Advisor for 10 years in a row.

Beyond’s teeth whitening system is known to cause much lower teeth sensitivity. Clients that have had their teeth whitened with the Beyond teeth whitening system rarely complain about sensitivity.

Consultation for teeth whitening in Dubai

Our teeth whitening specialist will evaluate your teeth and determine if the procedure will show any positive results. Some dental stains may be too deep in the enamel for this process to adequately work, in which case our specialist will offer other options.

Teeth cleaning is usually recommended before whitening to remove the dental plaque smear, thereby allowing the whitening treatment to be more effective.

teeth whitening dubai system
tooth whitening dubai

What to expect during your teeth whitening in Dubai session?

  • The entire process can take 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Whitening gel is evenly applied to your teeth and then activated with a LED lamp.

  • Gel will be left on the teeth for 2-3 cycles, 15 minutes each.

  • After 3 cycles, you can expect your teeth to be 3 to 4 shades whiter.

Home maintenance kit

  • We recommend that the in-office whitening procedure be followed up with a home whitening kit and custom trays.

  • This will help maintain the results achieved by the in-office process.
teeth whitening dubai

for teeth
whitening in Dubai

invisalign dubai patient testimonial

Dr Mona did my teeth whitening and she is meticulous. She made sure I was well taken care of and explained every part of the procedure step by step. I’ve never done this before and am very impressed with the results. I highly recommend their teeth whitening service.

Kerry Viljoen

I just had my teeth whitened at Noa recently and it was the easiest, most pleasant experience. They explained the process and checked back on me often during my appointment. I did not have any sensitivity and my teeth are much lighter. I will be sure to use the maintenance kit for the touch-up.  

Pietro Notari
teeth whitening dubai maintenance

0% financing for teeth whitening in Dubai

For easier management of teeth whitening cost in Dubai, we offer 0% interest-free payment plan for 6 / 12 months for holders of the following credit card:

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FAQs about teeth whitening in Dubai

We use only clinically proven teeth whitening systems that have been developed through extensive testing and research. When done professionally and under the supervision of a trained dental professional, Beyond in-office teeth whitening system is perfectly safe.

Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity following teeth whitening. However, these symptoms disappear within a day or two. We can also apply desensitizing gel to address the temporary sensitivity if needed.

It is good to be mindful of foods and drinks that cause discoloration and maybe reduce the time they come in contact with your teeth by using straws or rinsing with water soon after consumption. You may also use the home maintenance kit to top up the color as and when required.

Teeth whitening is designed to enhance the natural color of the tooth enamel. Pre-existing restorations such as fillings, veneers and crowns do not lighten with teeth whitening.

It is recommended to use your home teeth whitening trays in the night before bed time as it reduces the opportunity for staining and gives your teeth adequate time for remineralizing and rehydrating.