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Dental clinic in Dubai

NOA Dental is a multi-specialty dental wellness clinic in Dubai specializing in Preventive, Orthodontic and Aesthetic Dentistry since 2005. Our goal is to help preserve your natural teeth by practicing conservative and ethical dentistry in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

We are proud to do what we have been doing for 18+ years, working hard to ensure long-lasting smiles for both you and your loved ones.

Our dentists offer a broad range of services including:
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Orthodontic braces (Including Damon Metal and Damon Clear)

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dental clinic in dubai

Porcelain Veneers

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Teeth Whitening

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Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

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Dental Implants

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Children’s dentistry

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Gum Treatment
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Dental Emergency

Thanks to our valued patients’ reviews and recommendations, we are arguably regarded amongst the leading dental clinics in Dubai, offering dental services with a personal touch.

Our Dental Services

Visit us at NOA Dental Clinic Dubai and experience a fresher approach to dental wellness – It’s your turn to Smile!

Dental Braces

Dental Braces

If you are self-conscious about your smile or have dental problems due to misalignment of teeth, then receiving orthodontic treatment will greatly improve the way you look and feel.







Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are thin ceramic laminates designed to cover the front surface of the teeth in the ‘smile zone’ and offer a conservative approach to changing a tooth’s color and shape.









Invisible Aligners are a series of custom-made aligners generated by 3D Computer Imaging technology that can straighten your teeth without brackets and wires.







Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Dubai is the most commonly requested cosmetic dental procedure and has given us the ability to remove years of internal staining and return teeth to their natural colour.







Porcelain Crown

Porcelain Crowns

A crown is a porcelain 'cap' that fits over the entire surface of the tooth. The difference between a crown and a veneer lies in the amount of natural tooth structure that needs to be







Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small biocompatible titanium post that serves as a replacement for the root portion of a missing tooth and is considered as an alternative for conventional bridges and dentures.







Gum Treatment

Gum treatment

Gums are the foundation to a healthy smile. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.







Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings have become the preferred treatment option for restoring dental decay due to their natural aesthetic.







Dental emergency

Dental emergency

Chipped tooth, severe toothache or sensitivity? No one plans for dental emergencies; they just happen and we are here to help.







Root Canal

Root Canal

We offer both root canal and re-root canal treatment services at our dental clinic in Dubai.







Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

There are varying degrees of impacted wisdom teeth: some are partially impacted with just the crown showing, while others never break through the gums and become fully impacted.

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Why choose us as your preferred dental clinic in Dubai?

  • Multi-disciplinary, compassionate care

  • Ethical and evidence based dentistry

  • Gold standards in sanitization protocols

  • 4.8 star rating on Google

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Our Dentists

Our experienced team of dentists in Dubai look forward to welcoming you to our patient family and world class dental care.

dental clinic in Dubai dr anu

Dr. Anupama Jaswal

General Dentist

Dr. Anupama Jaswal is our family dentist in Dubai with over 22 years of clinical experience in restorative dentistry (composite bonding and zirconia crowns).

dr parashar at noa dental clinic dubai

Dr. Abhishek Parashar


Dr. Abhishek Parashar, Specialist Orthodontist, holds a Masters in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and has over 15 years of clinical experience.

dr mona at dental clinics in dubai

Dr. Mona Yadav 


Dr. Mona provides the full range of root canal treatments and her expertise lies in resolving difficult root canal cases and re-treatment endodontics.

dental clinic dubai dr roy

Dr. Roy Thomas

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Roy Thomas is our Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon with over 25 years of clinical experience.

dental clinic in dubai dr shikha

Dr. Shikha Shah


Dr Shikha Shah, our specialist Periodontist, holds her Masters in Periodontics and Oral Implantology, and has over 12 years of clinical experience.

dental clinic Dubai dr suhail

Dr. Suhail Syed


Dr. Suhail Syed is our Specialist Implantologist in Dubai with over 11 years of clinical experience. Dr. Suhail has obtained a double fellowship in Oral Implantology

dr linish at dental clinic in dubai

Dr. Linish Vidyasagar


Dr. Linish Vidyasagar, Specialist Prosthodontist, holds a Masters in Restorative Dentistry and has over 20 years of clinical experience.

Testimonials of our dental clinic in Dubai

invisalign dubai patient testimonial

Dr Anu is very professional and friendly explaining all aspects of the procedure about to be undertaken. I felt at ease at the dentist for the first time in my life and was amazed and so pleased with the result of the work I requested. I whole heartedly recommend Dr.Anu and Noa Dental Practice to any and all visiting or living in Dubai where you are made to feel welcome and valued as soon as you walk through the door into a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Andrew Merton

Dr Jaswal was professional on giving me details and options on my case. Her explanation of the next steps and expectations of the process could not have been conveyed any better.

Bernie George

I can honestly say this is the best clinic I have ever been to. How many people can say they actually enjoy going to their dentist? Probably not that many. I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the services at NOA. Highly recommend! Great job team – your energies are contagious and I come out feeling extremely happy and healthy.

Aalana Jade Charmer

We are patients at NOA dental clinic since several years. All dentists and surgical doctors we used are very professional and ensure that you as a patient come out satisfied and with a smile. The receptions are very friendly and professional as well. We can only highly recommend NOA dental clinic. Big thank you to all at NOA dental clinic.

Rene Wenger

I traumatically broke my 2 front teeth and was referred to Dr. Mona for dental bonding. It is shocking how much the teeth look like real teeth! Not only did she restore my smile, but a confidence that I wasn’t aware I lacked. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Mona and the entire experience.

Lucas Bossard

Our son is having Damon braces treatment with Dr. Abhishek. Very approachable doctor and his teeth seem straight already. Highly recommend!

Samia Khoury

I am so glad I found this clinic. I had to have teeth implants done and dreaded the whole process. From the initial visit to the implant surgery and then the final teeth, everything was just great. Highly recommend Dr. Suhail for anyone considering dental implants.

Pietro Notari

I love my implant dentures. Although removable, the fit is secure and I never have to worry about any type of movement while eating or speaking. I have not been able to eat raw veggies or bite into an apple for years without some sort of discomfort…I can now! In fact, I have not found anything that I cannot eat comfortably and enjoy. I highly recommend Dr. Suhail and his laboratory team. I should have done this years ago.

Ingrid Berglund

I can recommend Dr. Shikha Shah with absolute certainty and this could be considered a legacy referral since it was at my son’s urging that I made the appointment with her. He trusted her based on the outstanding care he had received and urged me to see her too. I could not be happier with my decision. She is definitely the doctor to go to if you have any kind of gum issues.

Cheng Zhang

Imagine being told that you need to have the wisdom teeth removed?? ! I found Dr. Roy Thomas online. I went in to have two wisdom teeth removed, and was told that only one truly needed to be pulled. Dr. Roy left me feeling confident that the tooth could be removed without any serious risks. The whole experience was great. I never hope to need an oral surgeon again, but I would definitely go back to him.

Sunil Bhatia

I was in Dubai on a holiday and chipped my back tooth. Dr Anu was comforting and gave me a temporary filling to hold me in until I returned home. The clinic was professional and I sure appreciate all they did to take care of me in an emergency.

Kiara Thomas

I can honestly recommend Dr Mona to anyone for a new or re root canal treatment. She is the best at her job, extremely caring and patient. She made sure I was comfortable and communicated all aspects of the treatment and constantly followed up to check I was happy and feeling well. It is apparent that she has vast experience in her field.

Reem Shili

Great experience. The place was super clean and they take every precaution in terms of hygiene as soon as you step into the place (which is good considering we are in a pandemic). The dentists are professional in what they do. The staff are really helpful in terms of booking an appointment at your convenient time. Will definitely recommend this dental clinic to my friends and colleagues and will come back for my filling and usual teeth cleaning! Keep up the good work guys!

Malcolm Merchant

I had a very positive experience with NOA Dental Clinic. The Doctor who treated me was Dr Mona and I cannot praise her enough. She was polite, attentive, and did Xrays before proceeding with the fillings to ensure my teeth were healthy. Thanks to her professionalism she had found out that 1 of my teeth needed a root canal treatment. She explained everything thoroughly and how the procedure will go ahead. She works very carefully, patiently and with calm instructions to her assistants. I didn’t feel any pain and I was very happy with the whole experience. The clinic is very clean and they follow Covid-19 precautions. The staff is well spoken, courteous and always ready to help. I cannot recommend Noa Dental Clinic enough and especially Dr Mona and the staff, from reception to nurses. Thank you and I’ll be a returning customer.

Krasimira Yankova

I have been visiting NOA clinic from last one year. Got my wisdom tooth extraction and fillings done at the clinic and trust me it was best experience ever. Both Dr. Roy and Dr. Mona are really amazing and I would like to thank them for serving patients during these tough times.

Hitesh Bhogal

I visited the clinic in March 2021 for my porcelain veneers. Dr. Anu listened to my concerns and offered her professional opinion. She worked with me on the shape, size and color to achieve a natural, easy smile that perfectly fits my face. The care I received was excellent, and my new teeth look fantastic. Unlike other veneers I’ve seen, my new veneers look like they naturally belong in my mouth. I highly recommend them.

Esther Van Vliet

Dr. Mona treated my root canal. She’s very professional, polite and informative. She always explains everything to you. I still continue my other treatments with Dr. Mona. Excellent customer service – Their staff and their whatsapp are very responsive and professional. They always call 1 day prior to your appointments to remind you.

Bralee Pichaiya

Recommended dental clinic with very friendly staff and doctor. Thanks to Dr. Mona Yadav with her good consultation and treatment to our kids. Very clear explanation and good equipment to make sure they make the correct decision.

Zuell Amy

I am so glad I found this clinic. I had to have teeth implants done and dreaded the whole process. From the initial visit to the implant surgery and then the final teeth, everything was just great. Highly recommend Dr. Suhail for anyone considering dental implants.

Aditya Shah
dental clinic in dubai invisalign

Invisalign® at NOA Dental Clinic Dubai

Invisalign®, more popularly known as invisible braces is a series of custom-made removable aligners generated by 3D Computer Imaging technology that are designed to straighten your teeth without orthodontic brackets and wires.

FAQs about NOA Dental Clinic Dubai

We aim at providing compassionate and ethical dental care to ensure a safe and positive dental experience. We follow a more conservative approach in our treatment plans, ensuring unwanted treatments are avoided completely, keeping the patient’s best interests in mind. All our doctors only carry out treatments that they are trained to do and refer out when it is not in their purview.

We are located inside a mall and offer 2 hours complimentary basement parking. Please bring your parking slip for validation.


Yes, we do offer direct billing with most dental insurances. Kindly review our ‘Offers’ section to know more of our insurance affiliates.

Yes, we offer 0% interest-free payment plan for 6- or 12-months period for holders of EmiratesNBD credit cards.


You may call us on 04 3987075, whatsapp us on 0563211745 or email us on to schedule an appointment.

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