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Damon braces


Damon braces

Damon braces

  • Damon braces differ from traditional braces in Dubai as in how the wire is tied and placed into the bracket.


  • Damon system combines hi tech shape-memory wires and unique bracket design which eliminate the need for the wires to be tightened.


  • This allows the teeth to align with gentler, biologically sensible forces reducing patient discomfort.


  • Damon braces are less noticeable than traditional braces. If you would prefer more discreet or unnoticeable treatment, you may consider Invisalign in Dubai.
damon braces in dubai
damon braces

Damon braces Insignia

  • Using 3D Imaging technology, Damon Insignia is a revolutionary orthodontic system that offers patients a customized approach to Damon braces.


  • Insignia delivers a fully tailored orthodontic solution – customized wires, individualized brackets and computer-assisted bracket placement.


  • Damon Insignia system allows our orthodontist in Dubai to personalize and deliver the most effective way to achieve the desired smile.

Benefits of Damon braces

  • Comfortable patient experience as the self-ligating brackets do not require tightening and are therefore gentler on the patient’s teeth and gums.


  • Customized bracket design coupled with precise (computer-assisted) placement move teeth in the most efficient way possible and reduces treatment time by up to 25%.
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Thanks to our valued patients’ reviews and recommendations, we are arguably regarded amongst the leading dental clinics in Dubai, offering dental services with a personal touch.

Accreditations for Damon braces in Dubai

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Damon braces specialists

Dr. Abhishek Parashar


  • Dr. Abhishek Parashar is our Specialist Orthodontist in Dubai with over 16 years of clinical experience. Dr. Abhishek obtained his Masters in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and is registered with both American Association of Orthodontists and World Federation of Orthodontics USA.


  • Dr. Abhishek understands the complexity of the human face and takes a conservative and detailed approach to aligning teeth. He individualizes treatment plans for every patient, taking into consideration the effect of teeth repositioning on one’s lips and facial profile.


  • Dr. Abhishek treats patients from the ages of 7 years to 50 years. Dr. Abhishek is an advocate of MARPE/MSE (an effective non-extraction and non-surgical treatment approach) and his expertise lies in self-ligating Damon metal braces, Damon clear braces and growth modulation orthodontics.

Dr. Seema Shah


  • Dr. Seema Shah is a highly skilled Specialist Orthodontist with over 14 years of clinical expertise. After graduating as a dentist from the prestigious King’s College London, she pursued her passion for orthodontics. At Queen Mary’s University London (Royal London Hospital), Dr. Seema completed her Specialist training and earned a Doctorate in Orthodontics. In recognition of her exceptional skills and knowledge, she also holds an MOrth from the esteemed Royal College of Surgeons, England.


  • With a deep understanding of various malocclusions, Dr. Seema has successfully treated a broad spectrum of cases throughout her career. She offers an extensive range of services, including early/interceptive treatment, as well as the utilization of self-ligating Damon metal and Damon clear braces.


  •  Dr. Seema firmly believes in patient-centered care, that is rooted in health, stability, and aesthetics. 
invisalign dubai patient testimonial

Dr. Abhishek and his staff are amazing. I have been coming here for over a year for my Damon braces and it’s been an excellent experience. They are friendly and attentive. I appreciate that they always take time to educate and fully explain the process. My results have been dramatic. I highly recommend coming here.

Areeba Ahmed

We looked at many orthodontists for my daughter and Dr. Abhishek Parashar has by far been the best for us. Explains everything in detail and never makes you feel any question is wrong. I have encouraged several of my friends to take their kids there!


Dr. Abhishek’s close collaboration on my Damon braces, especially addressing upper front teeth, led to perfect results. Forever grateful and satisfied.

Amjad Hassan

I have been undergoing my Damon braces treatment with Dr Abhishek at Noa Dental for the last 8 months. I am very happy with the results and have just 2 more months to finish. I’m super excited with the results so far and would definitely recommend Dr Abhishek and the friendly team at NOA.

Marc Bautista

We recently had our daughters braces removed and while we knew her teeth would look good when taken off, we were absolutely floored at how beautiful her teeth have turned out. We are very happy with the entire experience – from consultation to appointments to billing to completion. Highly recommend Dr. Abhishek!

Simona K

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FAQs about Damon braces

When it comes to the right age for getting Damon braces, there isn’t a strict age limit. The key factor is the health of your teeth and the supporting gums and bone, known as the periodontium. As long as these are in good shape, anyone with orthodontic concerns can potentially benefit from braces.

In adults, because the bone is denser, it might take a bit more time to move teeth into their new positions, which can make the treatment process a tad more involved. However, with the right orthodontic treatment plan, you can still straighten and align your teeth at any age.

Damon braces use more biologically sensible forces than traditional braces. The low-friction mechanism combined with the shape-memory titanium wires reduces treatment time by up to 25%. On average, Damon braces can straighten teeth up to 6 months faster than traditional braces.

Conventional braces use elastics to hold the wire in place, which creates friction and discomfort. Damon braces use a self-ligating sliding mechanism which is designed to gently move your teeth allowing for a more comfortable experience.   

Damon braces require fewer adjustment appointments. The appointments are generally scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks.

The cost of Damon braces will be determined by the complexity of your case. We invite you to call us on 04 3987075 to discuss treatment costs.

Proper oral hygiene is essential when you have Damon braces to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout your orthodontic treatment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively clean your teeth with self-ligating Damon braces:

You will need a soft-bristle toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, floss threaders or orthodontic floss, and an interdental brush.

Brushing: Brush your teeth after every meal and before bedtime. Angle your toothbrush towards the gumline and gently brush around the braces using small circular motions. Pay close attention to the area between the braces and your teeth. Do not forget to brush the chewing surfaces and your tongue.

Interdental Cleaning: Use an interdental brush to clean between the brackets and wires. Gently insert the brush between each bracket and clean along the gumline.

Flossing: Thread floss under the arch wire using floss threaders or orthodontic floss. Gently floss between your teeth, making sure to clean both sides of each tooth.

Fluoride Mouthwash: Rinse with fluoride mouthwash to help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. Swish for about 30 seconds, then spit it out. Avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes afterward.

Dietary Choices: Avoid sticky, hard, and sugary foods that can get stuck in your braces and increase the risk of cavities. Cut foods into smaller pieces to make them easier to eat.

Hydration: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush away food particles and maintain good saliva flow, which is essential for oral health.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is vital during orthodontic treatment to prevent issues like staining, cavities and gum inflammation.

Damon braces are a popular orthodontic option that offers several advantages, but they may not be suitable for all types of orthodontic cases. While they are effective for many situations, the decision to use self-ligating braces depends on various factors.

Damon braces can be used for a wide range of orthodontic cases, including:

Crowding: Damon braces can help align crowded teeth and create a more harmonious smile.

Spacing: They are effective in closing gaps between teeth and achieving proper tooth alignment.

Minor Bite Corrections: Self-ligating Damon braces can address certain bite issues like mild overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

Tooth Rotations and Tipping: They can efficiently handle tooth rotations and tipping, contributing to improved tooth alignment.

Arch Expansion: Damon braces may aid in achieving controlled arch expansion when needed.

However, for more complex orthodontic cases that involve significant jaw discrepancies, severe bite issues, or complex skeletal problems, other orthodontic treatments or approaches might be more suitable. Our orthodontist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

It’s important to remember that every patient is unique, and the decision to use self-ligating braces or another orthodontic option should be based on careful assessment and professional judgment. Our experienced orthodontic team at NOA Dental Clinic is here to guide you through the treatment process, answer your questions, and recommend the best orthodontic solution for your individual case.

Absolutely, Damon braces work well for adults just as they do for adolescents. They are designed to effectively address orthodontic issues and can be used to improve the alignment of teeth in individuals of all age groups.

What do Damon braces look like?

Damon braces are designed to be discreet. They use smaller brackets and don’t require elastic ties. You can opt for metal brackets that are smaller than traditional braces, or choose Damon Clear, made of tooth-colored or transparent ceramic brackets, providing a subtler and aesthetically pleasing orthodontic solution.

When wearing Damon braces, it is important to be mindful of foods like hard candies and sticky treats to avoid damaging the brackets and wires. And with regards to raw vegetables, it is recommended to cut them into small, bite-sized pieces that can be chewed with the back teeth. 

It is recommended to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush. Then hold the brush at a 45° angle at the gum line and brush with a circular motion on every surface of every tooth. It is also advisable to use an interdental or proxy brush to clean between each set of brackets. When opting for an electric toothbrush, choose one with a small head and soft bristles.

Yes, we offer 3D Digital Intraoral Scans at out JLT branch.