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Snap-On Smile


Snap-On Smile

Our dental clinics in Dubai provide the Snap-On Smile service, which offers a personalized appliance crafted from specialized resin. This appliance is designed to comfortably fit over your natural teeth, offering the convenience of easy snapping in and out.

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Snap-On Smile

It is a long-term provisional cosmetic dental solution which can be used for:

The Treatment Process

Receiving your customized Snap-on Smile usually requires just two dental visits.

  • During your Smile Assessment consultation, your dentists in Dubai will discuss your preferences for shape, length, width and color of your teeth.
  • The dentist will then take impressions of your teeth and send it out to the lab for fabrication.
  • You can then return in approximately 2 weeks for the final fitting of your customized Smile arch.
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  • Snap-On Smile is a totally reversible cosmetic solution and does not require lengthy prep time or enamel removal.
  • It can be worn while eating and drinking with the exception of sticky foods.
  • It is cost-effective.
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Ended up doing a crown snap-on smile for lesser than was quoted elsewhere. No complaints whatsoever. The dentist here is transparent and explains all the procedures and costs before starting the work. And found the reception particularly helpful.

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0% financing for Snap-on Smile

For easier management of Snap-on Smile costs, our dental clinic in Dubai offers 0% interest-free payment plan for 6 / 12 months for holders of the following credit card:

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