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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening 😀

It improves your aesthetic appearance

Nothing brings attention to your face more than your teeth. White teeth give a tremendous boost to your overall appearance. It is well known that a better appearance gives you better social standing and even economic opportunities. Whiter teeth are the final touch to your perfect aesthetic. 

It assists in cutting out smoking

One inevitable effect of smoking tobacco is stained teeth. Keeping up the habit makes the staining worse. Teeth whitening provides a clean slate and makes you more cautious about re-staining them. As such, you will grow hesitant to pick up smoking and eventually help cut it out.

Improve your oral health 

Plaque and tartar contribute to the discoloration of teeth. It may prove challenging to ensure you properly brush and floss stained teeth. At NOA Dental Clinic, we rid your teeth of teeth stains, thus easing your ability to clean them.

It boosts your self-esteem and confidence levels

One of the most significant boosts to your self-esteem will come from sparkling white teeth. Teeth whitening allows you to engage confidently in social interactions and not shy away from showing off your pearly whites. 

It is an inexpensive alternative 

Teeth whitening is a relatively cheaper oral procedure than alternatives such as veneers. It is a perfect option for restricted budgets, and the results are well worth the cost. At NOA Dental Clinic, we have a 0% interest payment plan for patients with the Emirates NBD credit card. 

It makes you look youthful

Discoloured teeth take away your youthful charm, making you appear aged. This unwanted effect leaves you unhappy with your appearance. Teeth whitening restores and even adds to your youthful look. It is a perfect procedure for patients looking to highlight a fresh-faced aesthetic. 

It is a safe oral procedure

Teeth whitening at NOA Dental Clinic is one of the safest dental procedures. We use safe cleaners that do not strip your natural enamel, thus avoiding tooth sensitivity. The success rates are sky-high, and the risks involved are almost zero. 

It helps you stand out positively 

White teeth are a sure way to stand out in crowds. We understand the opportunities that come with having remarkable facial features, and our teeth whitening procedures ensure you secure them. Catch everyone’s eye and command attention with whiter teeth. 

It reverses the effects of staining foods and beverages

Certain foods and drinks, such as coffee and tomatoes, cause your teeth to discolor. If left unresolved, this discoloration becomes permanent, forever altering your appearance. At NOA Dental Clinic, we reverse this occurrence by whitening your teeth and restoring them to their former glory. 

It finalises the results of orthodontics such as braces and retainers

Devices such as braces and retainers work to correct the alignment of teeth. You may have them for years at a time. At this time, they may interfere with your efforts to clean your teeth and cause discoloration. Teeth whitening after removing braces ensures the results of straight teeth are complete with sparkling white teeth. 

Still not sure if you should get the best teeth whitening in Dubai? Here are 7 questions you should ask yourself before your teeth whitening


Your teeth are essential to how others perceive you and how you see yourself. Invest in teeth whitening to restore your confidence and ensure your teeth do not make you shy away from speaking up. The simplicity and success of the procedure should assure you that you’re doing the right thing with the help of the best dentist in Dubai

Contact us for teeth whitening at NOA Dental Clinics in Dubai. During the consultation, one of our experienced dentists will take you through preparation and proper aftercare to ensure maximum satisfaction with your whiter teeth. Visit our patient reviews to see testimonials of our works.

Frequently asked questions

The time the procedure takes depends on the shade of white you desire and the extent of discoloration. Teeth whitening at a dentist will take up to an hour and a half to complete. Your dentist may require you to come back for another session if the discoloration is severe. 

Your dentist will recommend specially formulated toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity. On top of that, they may use gels that make your teeth less sensitive until they are back to normal. 

When your teeth are sensitive, your dentist will give you several instructions to follow. These instructions include:

  • Avoiding hot or cold foods and beverages.
  • Avoid foods with high acidities to prevent further damage to the enamel.
  • Brush your teeth with minimal pressure. 
  • Use a straw to minimize contact with drinks with your sensitive teeth.

Caring for whitened teeth is simple, and specific actions help simplify it. The main aim of aftercare is to prevent the staining of teeth again. This aftercare means avoiding foods and drinks that discolor teeth, such as black tea and coffee. If you must ingest these drinks, use straws.

All efforts to whiten teeth will be futile without proper care afterward. Floss and brush them twice every day for at least three minutes. This action will prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque that will discolor your teeth again. Remember also to scrape or brush your tongue daily.