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Lingual Braces | Incognito Braces in Dubai

Incognito™ Braces

Incognito Hidden Braces or lingual braces are a unique and advanced orthodontic treatment option featuring braces placed behind the teeth where they are completely hidden from view.

Incognito Braces

Incognito Braces

Using computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) and 3D printing technology, the wires and brackets are custom manufactured exclusively for one’s teeth. From an esthetic perspective, lingual braces offer an excellent cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened, without the braces showing.

Lingual Braces Vs Conventional Braces

The main difference between lingual braces and conventional braces is that for lingual braces the metal brackets are attached to the back side of the teeth whereas in conventional braces the brackets are attached on the front side of the teeth. Lingual braces tend to be more expensive than conventional braces as the lingual brackets cost more than conventional brackets and the doctor time involve with the patient is also longer.

Treatable Dental Problems

Spaces between teeth

Treatable Dental Problems With Lingual Braces




Lingual Braces

Advantages of Lingual Braces

  • Brackets are more comfortable as they are 100% custom-fit to your individual teeth.
  • Invisible from the outside.
  • Suitable for patients across all age groups.
  • For individuals who have a job that would not allow them to wear regular braces and for those who play contact sports or wind instruments.
  • Provides complete control for your orthodontist in straightening your teeth.

Our Orthodontist

Icognnito Service Provider

Our Orthodontists have over 25 years of combined clinical experience in the most advanced lingual braces systems for treating both adults and children.

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