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Children's Dentist in Dubai

Your child's first few visits can set the stage for their entire dental experience. The best pediatric dentists in Dubai will strive to dispel your child's anxiety concerns and leave them looking forward to their next visit with us.

Fissure Sealants

Childrens Dentisty Service DubaiOne of our main children's pediatric dentistry services is fissure sealant application. It is a preventive dental treatment, where a protective plastic coating is painted onto the grooves of the back teeth. The chewing surfaces of the molar teeth have small grooves or fissures which are considered the most susceptible to dental caries.

Fissure sealant prevents and arrests the development of dental caries by completely sealing off these grooves and therefore stopping any food particles and bacteria from getting in.

How are fissure sealants applied?

The tooth is cleaned, treated with special solution and dried. The sealant is then painted on to the groove and allowed to set hard by shining a blue light onto it. No injection or drilling is necessary and the entire process is pain free.

Recommended age for Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are usually applied on the first permanent molars when the child is between six and seven years old. Sealants are applied on the molars between eleven and fourteen years of age.

Braces for Children

Childrens Dentisty Service Dubai

Our dentist for kids may also recommend orthodontic procedures for your child. The goals of orthodontic treatment may include:

  • Closing of the spaces between your child's front teeth
  • Straightening out crowded teeth
  • Creating or maintaining space in order for the permanent teeth to erupt
  • Correcting potentially harmful oral habits

We also offer MYOBRACE system for kids which is a no-braces orthodontic approach to help straighten your child's teeth. Interceptive orthodontics with Myobrace between the ages of six and ten often reduces the need for future treatment with dental braces by creating the necessary amount of space for the teeth to align at an earlier age.

Please click on the following link for further info on MYOBRACE FOR KIDS

For your child’s Complimentary Consultation, kindly contact us on 04 3987075.

Our Pediatric Dentists

Dr. Anupama Jaswal, our family and pediatric dentist has over 18 years of extensive clinical experience with a special interest in Children’s dental care. While treating children, Dr. Anupama works closely with their parents to condition the child towards a positive dental experience and to provide them with the necessary and preventative dental treatment.

Dr. Naeem Moideen is our Specialist Orthodontist with over 12 years of clinical experience. His expertise includes various Myofunctional and orthopedic appliances in treating children with dental malocclusions and skeletal jaw issues.

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