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Meet Dr. Naeem Moideen, our orthodontist in Dubai

Orthodontist in Dubai

orthodontist in dubai

Dr. Naeem Moideen is our Specialist Orthodontist and is also Invisalign® and Inman aligner certified. His expertise ranges from conventional metal and ceramic esthetic braces to the most advanced lingual braces, self-ligating Damon system and invisible aligners.

Dr. Naeem Moideen, what inspired you to become an orthodontist in Dubai?

I was 13 when I had my orthodontic treatment. The experience of it was very positive and I decided that this is exactly what I wanted to do when I grow up. Over the years, I have realized that, it’s the taking up the challenge of a complex case, seeing the patient confidence build up through the treatment process and providing them with the smile they desire, is most certainly the best part of my job.

From your perspective Dr. Naeem Moideen, what is the biggest stigma you find in patients approaching orthodontic treatment?

Generally, people tend to have a misconception that an orthodontic treatment is only done at a specific age period (10 to 18 years). Although orthodontic treatment done at an early age can take advantage of the growth curve of an individual, with the advent today of newer orthodontic systems and techniques (Invisalign and self-ligating Damon braces), all ages can be treated with dental braces. I even have patients over 50 years of age wherein orthodontic treatment has remarkably improved the quality of their lives.

How fast can teeth be moved in orthodontic treatment?

More than faster tooth movement, it is very important to understand that teeth need to move biologically and healthily. Therefore optimum tooth movement differs for every individual depending on their tooth morphology and bone density. The objective for me would be to utilize methods and systems to achieve that optimal force to achieve faster results. Choosing the right orthodontic system plays a significant role in achieving effective tooth movement.

As an orthodontist In Dubai, what would your advise be for patients to have an effective treatment outcome?

Maintaining a good oral regimen is key to an effective treatment outcome. Teeth primarily move through bone (hard tissue) and gums (soft tissue). Hence it is very important to keep them healthy and clean in order to achieve faster and effective teeth movement.

Do you see any trends amongst your teenage patients?

Teenage patients are usually the most excited about getting braces on. And with the information available through various web portals, they are more receptive, fully understand the treatment options and at times have a predecided choice of braces. Of late, I have been observing an inclination toward invisible braces with most of my teenage patients.

How important Dr. Naeem Moideen, is the retention phase after orthodontic treatment?

Retention phase is as important as the treatment itself. The braces are removed once the teeth have been successfully aligned and desirable positions are attained. However the gum and bone take time to adapt and stabilize around the newly repositioned teeth. It is important to maintain teeth in a fixed position to allow this adaptation to take place, hence the need for retention. Any breakage or lack of retainer wear during this period can lead to relapse of the teeth and this must be avoided.

Dr. Naeem is available through the week. For your complimentary orthodontic consultation, kindly call NOA Dental Clinic on 04 3987075.