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MYOBRACE FOR KIDS - Straighten Teeth the Natural Way

MYOBRACE FOR KIDS - Straighten Teeth the Natural Way

Myobrace is a no-braces orthodontic approach to help straighten your teeth and jaws.

3 out of every 4 children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. These problems are evident from as early as 4 years of age.

Muscular pressures can influence teeth position and dental arch stability and studies indicate that the position of the teeth is determined by the pressure from the lips, tongue and childhood habits.

Modern research has shown that a number of poor childhood habits (aka incorrect myofunctional habits) are the real causes of incorrect jaw development, crowded teeth and other orthodontic problems.

Incorrect Myofunctional habits of children include:

  • Thumb or finger sucking
  • Sucking on a pacifier/ feeding bottle
  • Sucking on the lip
  • Mouth breathing (often caused by enlarged adenoids and tonsils)
  • Fingernail biting
  • Thrusting the tongue against teeth

Results of Myobrace treatmentMyobrace treatment addresses these myofunctional habits in children. Improving these poor myofunctional habits at an early age allows for your child to have good dental alignment and improved jaw growth. The key is to target the underlying causes of crooked teeth as soon as the problems become evident at an early age and while the child's biological adaptability is at their peak.

Based on over 20 years of experience and currently used in over 100 countries, early or interceptive orthodontics with myobrace reduces and often avoids the need for future treatment with dental braces by laying the foundation for jaw bone growth and creating the necessary amount of space for teeth early on.

How does Myobrace treatment work

Myobrace applicance system Myobrace treatment for kids involves using a 3-stage appliance system designed to provide light forces to align the teeth into their natural position while also correcting upper and lower jaw developmental problems.

Wearing a Myobrace appliance for 1 to 2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping, combined with a series of 'myofunctional exercises' (aka Trainer Activities) each day is all it takes for the real change to occur.

How to use Myobrace

What is the best age to begin treatment for your child?

The optimal treatment age using the Myobrace System is from 6 to 10 years of age, when the child is still growing and the first permanent teeth appear.   If the myofunctional habits are discovered at an earlier age, it is best to start treatment immediately.

Children's teeth problems

What other benefits might I see from using this treatment?

Patients experience improved facial development and better facial balance as an adult thereby achieving their full genetic potential.

Myobrace system focuses on the accurate placement of the tongue which can assist in correcting the normal flow of your breath through your nose whilst also improving swallowing patterns.

What are the reasons why this treatment may not be suitable?

The Myobrace System requires daily use over an extended period of time. As with the nature of any removable appliance, patient compliance is essential. Non-compliant patients will not achieve a satisfactory result.

Patients with extreme jaw discrepancies which stop the child from physically holding the Myobrace appliance in their mouth also may not be suitable for the treatment.

How to get started?

We would recommend a Complimentary Consultation with our Myobrace Practitioner to establish if your child is a potential candidate for the Myobrace system.

Free Consultation offered

Records may need to be taken to properly assess your child’s needs with your consent. These records include study models, photographs and possibly x-rays of the teeth. This will give our Myobrace Practitioner a clearer insight into the case, and help develop a customized treatment plan for your child.

To learn more and for a free consultation contact us or give us a call at 04-3987075