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Explore the expert knowledge shared by our dentist in Dubai regarding teeth whitening, providing you with valuable information and guidance from our dental clinic in Dubai.

Are you aware that 61 percent of people are attracted to others simply because of their smile? Also, do you know that two-thirds of employees say they have diminished respect for a boss with poor oral hygiene?

These findings only go to show how important it is to pay attention to the condition of your teeth.

One survey also reveals that most people believe that pearly white teeth are indicators of good hygiene. It is no wonder why teeth whitening is a highly in-demand dental treatment, and why home teeth whitening kits are also very popular.

If you want a bright smile, you may be interested in getting best teeth whitening in Dubai or maybe the best veneers in Dubai treatment. Most local dental offices or clinic already offer this particular procedure. Some beauty salons and aesthetic centers are also known to offer teeth whitening services.

Where Should You Have Your Teeth Whitened?

Since different establishments now offer teeth whitening treatments, it shouldn’t be hard to achieve pearly white teeth, right?

Such may be the case, but dental experts recommend being discriminating when it comes to where you get a whitening treatment. If you want a completely safe procedure, make sure that a true dental professional will perform the service on you and not just somebody who has been trained to carry out a teeth whitening procedure.

A dentist should be your only choice for this treatment. Why?

Dentists understand teeth and will make sure to check your teeth’s condition first before performing any treatment. Likewise, they can educate you about discoloration issues, provide you with effective tips for prevention, and walk you through the steps to successfully maintain healthy, pearly white teeth.

It is important to mention as well that for the best results, you must also consider the different teeth whitening treatments that a dental office or clinic offers. There are a variety to choose from and it will be to your advantage to find a clinic that offers a proven highly effective teeth whitening program.

At NOA Dental, we offer both in-office laser teeth whitening treatment and a home maintenance program. Our teeth whitening service is highly effective in treating extrinsic teeth stains, which are often caused by daily coffee or tea drinking, smoking, and even aging. More importantly, we carry out a thorough consultation first because we want to provide our clients with the most appropriate teeth whitening program for them.

In addition, we have other services to help clients dealing with intrinsic discoloration such as porcelain veneers in Dubai, which are the secret behind flawless Hollywood smiles. Thanks to these procedures, clients who come to us with a goal of achieving bright, pearly white teeth walk out of our office with a megawatt smile.

How to Make the Results Last

You will automatically see a huge difference in the color of your teeth after a single session. This result will last a long time, and even longer (up to three years) with correct maintenance.

For our clients, we include the use of a home maintenance kit in our teeth whitening treatment program. This kit works perfectly well with our in-office professional whitening procedure and it comes with custom-made trays or mouthpieces to fit you perfectly.

Wear the mouthpiece or trays for several hours a day for about two weeks to achieve the optimum brightness. On top of this, make sure to follow our instructions on how much longer you need to use the kit for long-lasting results.

Apart from the maintenance kit, we also advise the following:

1. Proper brushing twice a day

We emphasize the word “proper” because brushing just for the sake of brushing will not help produce the desired effect. Spend two full minutes on the task to dislodge food debris stuck between teeth that can lead to cavities, as well as to polish the enamel of your teeth and prevent stains from the foods you eat. Most importantly, use fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth.

However, avoid brushing your teeth too vigorously straight after the treatment. This can increase tooth sensitivity and may leave scratches (which can turn into stains) on the surface of your pearly whites.

2. Avoiding sugar-heavy food and drinks, especially for the next several days after the treatment

Sugar produces acids that interact with mouth bacteria which attack your teeth’s enamel. After a teeth whitening treatment, the enamel of your teeth is slightly weakened by the agents used to treat discoloration. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid contact with substances that could make them greatly sensitive.

Dark colas and sodas are particularly big no-nos. Not only are they loaded with sugar, but they are acidic as well. The acid from such beverages can corrode your teeth’s enamel.

3. Visiting the dentist regularly

Stay on top of your oral health. Make sure that there are no dental issues developing because healthy teeth are not only white — they need to be strong as well.

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