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What are dental implants?

A dental implant in Dubai is a small titanium post which serves as a replacement root for a missing tooth. Once the dental implant is in place, your dentist in Dubai at a dental clinic near me will proceed to create a custom-fabricated crown that will be securely attached to the implant.


Why are the benefits of dental implants?

The benefits include:


  • Restoring your ability to chew and enjoy food
  • Functioning and feeling similar to your natural teeth
  • Preventing bone loss and thereby supporting your facial bone structure
  • Improving the overall quality of your life


How long does it take to place dental implants?

A dental implant may be placed in as little as 30 to 60 minutes depending on the location and the number of implants required.


What if there is not enough bone available for placing the dental implant?

A bone graft may be needed if there is not sufficient bone tissue in the implant site.


How long will theimplants take to be restored with my new teeth??

In general once the implants are placed, the time period may range from 30 to 45 days. However, if bone grafting is performed on the implant site, longer time periods will be required to complete the healing process. During you consultation, the implantologist will provide a more accurate time estimate based on your treatment needs.


Can I have a tooth removed and a dental Implant placed the same day?

Yes, immediate implant placement is possible if there is no infection present in the tooth extraction site.


Can I have a crown on the implant the day it is placed?

If the implant is very secure in the bone and displays high primary stability value with the Osstellstability testing instrument, it is possible to attach a temporary crown on to the implant. However, if the stability value is not high enough it is advised to add time and re-measure before loading the implant with a porcelain crown or bridge.


Is age a factor?

No, there are generally no age restrictions for the placement of dental implants. However for children, the implantologist will wait to perform the procedure until your child’s facial growth and development has been completed (16 years for girls and 18 years for boys).


How do I care for my implants?

Home care for your implants will consist of brushing and flossing. Regular dental visits will also be required for the long term success of your dental implants in Dubai.


Dr. Suhail Syed

M Oral Surgery(Glasgow), MFDS RCPS(Glasgow), FDS RCS(Edinburgh), Fellow of ICOI(US)

Dr. Suhail Syed is our Specialist Implantologist with over 12 years of clinical experience. Dr. Suhail completed his post-graduate training in Oral Surgery from the University of Glasgow, UK. He further obtained his Fellowship in Oral Surgery from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK.