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Have you ever wondered why your pediatric dentist in Dubai recommends that you have a dental check up every 6 months?

A dental check-up and cleaning twice a year may seem like a lot for someone with good oral hygiene and home care. However when you take in to consideration the amount of sugar laden foods we eat on a daily basis, the accumulation of buildup can be significant in a six month period.  

The 6-monthly dental visit is more than just a ‘clean and polish’, it is a preventive dental exam.    Your dentist will be able to spot any visual evidence for tooth decays and other issues with pain-free symptoms thereby preventing the problem from getting out of hand. These changes could involve mild enamel erosion or tender looking gums that signal the start of gum disease. Prevention is thus the number one reason for regular dental visits.

Although six months is considered as a reference interval between cleanings, you may need to have this done more frequently (for instance 3-4 months) if your gums are prone to inflammation or if you have a history of adult periodontitis.

What Goes On During A Regular Visit?

Your dentist assesses the state of your teeth and gums by:

  • Examining the gums and checking for signs of gum disease
  • Checking for visual evidence of cavities
  • Checking your bite
  • Checking for loose teeth and damaged fillings
  • Checking for soft tissue lesions

Your dentist in Dubai will then clean your teeth. Even with excellent flossing and brushing, there can be areas under the gum line adjacent to the teeth that toothbrush bristles and flossing cannot properly access.

Regular dental visits are important for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. And in between those check-ups, it is crucial that you work to keep your gums and teeth healthy and clean.